Image of Short and Fat Custom Stainwork Black/Red/White

Short and Fat Custom Stainwork Black/Red/White


This is my personal favorite. It's inception, I'll admit, was a mistake. I took that mistake, made some modifications, and have come up with what I feel is the best production handplane/board that is available today. For the experienced bodysurfer, It does everything I feel a handplane should. The Short and Fat planes really well. It also keeps you really high on a steep face. I've made it out of more barrels in a one month period using this model, than all the other models combined over the last 2 years. Just when you think the foamball is going to absorb you, it somehow climbs out and keeps you driving down the line. Not the best handplane for the uninitiated, but someone with a bit of experience will enjoy this model a lot. Combine this with a Brownfish Model, and you've pretty much got every condition covered. Measures 12" x 7.75"

Don't buy into the RE-USE hype. It's a marketing scam. Yes they are stripping surfboards and making blanks out of old foam, but they are still impregnating fiberglass to seal them. Doesn't matter if it's biodegradable epoxy, it will still take many more years to break down in a landfill then wood with a oil finish or water-based clear coat. Paulownia wood is extremely fast growing and considered a weed in some parts. It can grow up to 20 feet in one year when young, and can be harvested for saw timber in as little as five years. Meaning it is highly regenerative as a building material. Taking all of that into consideration, we think we have a more Environmentally Friendly product!

All handplanes made of Paulownia Wood, Waterborne environmentally conscious finishes, and Custom, adjustable handstraps. They are made from the best materials I have found in our obsession of handplanes.

Handplane pictured is an example and may not be the handplane that you recieve.


Shipping is via US Postal service Priority Mail and is tracked.