Image of Hobbit Model - Brown/Gold
  • Image of Hobbit Model - Brown/Gold

Hobbit Model - Brown/Gold


Many good bodysurfers have been asking, for quite some time, when I was going to come out with a small handplane/board. These are the kind of guys and girls you will see sliding along effortlessly without any type of planing device. They can use their hand or a swimming paddle and slide along better than I, using a big planing device. They truly want something that is mainly an aid to their already impressive skills. Something that won't be a liability at big Wedge or Pipeline. Here is my offering. Dubbed "The Hobbit" by my wife Rebecca. It measures 9" long by 7.5" wide and pretty much goes from your fingertips (at the nose) to the base of your thenar eminances(your hand).

Handplane pictured is an example and may not be the handplane that you recieve.

Shipping is via US Postal service Priority Mail and is tracked.